Tips for Teachers: How to Use Vocation Lessons

Teacher using Vocation LessonsUse online or print PDFs?

You can use Vocation Lessons online—using a Smart Board or tablet, for example—or print PDFs for yourself and students. Some activities are best done online, like watching videos or viewing large images. Some activities are best with printed PDFs, such as student worksheets.


I’m a paper-and-pencil teacher.

No problem! Login, go to your grade, and open the PDFs.  You can then print the material for yourself and your students.


How much class time does it take?

For Catholic schools, there is one unit per grade, comprised of four lessons, an assessment, and a family feature. Lessons have various options; most can be taught in 45 minutes. In high school, some lessons are longer, and can even span two class periods if desired.

For Religious Education, there is one lesson per grade. Lessons have various options; most can be taught in 45 minutes. However, most catechists also have access to the curriculum for Catholic schools, so feel free to use the full curriculum (four lessons) if desired.

For High School Youth Ministry, there are four meeting plans. You can use one per year, or more if desired. Meetings last 60-90 minutes.


Teacher View vs. Student View

When you login using your teacher access code, then visit a lesson’s web page, you will see all the teacher material and student material.

When a student logs in using the student access code, he or she sees only the pertinent student material.

Teachers can toggle between Teacher View and Student View using the button in the right-hand sidebar. This is useful, for example, when displaying content for students on a Smart Board.


I have feedback on a particular lesson.

Great! We want to hear from you. If you have recommendations for improvement, please contact us.


How do hover-over notes work?

In some high school lessons, when you are logged in as a teacher, you can use your mouse to “hover over” highlighted passages in the student section. Doing so displays the teacher’s talking points.


I have other questions about how to teach the material.

Many questions can be answered by your principal or DRE. You may also contact your diocesan Vocation Office.


I need tech support.

If the site is working incorrectly, please call Vianney Vocations at 877-585-1551.